One of the core must-haves of a hotel’s online marketing presence is the hotel’s website. But, why is it important to have a hotel website?

Is it just because everyone has one? Is it because you need a business email, so you need a website as well? Is it because people will ask you what’s your website address?

Of course not; and you are not going to have an effective website, unless you are aware of which are the goals of a hotel website and most importantly which are the goals of your hotel’s online presence.

So, the reason’s of a hotel’s website existence vary, according to the online marketing strategy of every single hotel. But there is a bunch of parameters that you must have in mind while you set your own hotel strategy.

Which are the goals of a hotel website?

Awareness is one of the most important factors. Spread the word! Let people know about your hotel. Where it is located? How does it look like? Is it a 5-star hotel? Is it a boutique property?

Brand Enhancement is another main goal. Use your website to support your hotel’s brand and convince people to choose your hotel. Promote your USPs and make them feel that your hotel is the right hotel for their stay.

Direct Sales. Convincing people to stay with you is one thing and convincing them to book directly with you is another. It’s important to get people booking directly on your website and reduce the commissions that you pay to third parties.

Online Reputation Management. Your website is a great option to manage your hotel’s online reputation as well. Promote your hotel’s positive guest reviews and let dissatisfied guests share their feedback directly with you.

Informative reasons. A hotel’s website is the best place to share all the important information about your hotel and help your guests prepare for their stay more effectively. Which is your hotel’s size? How can one reach you? What time is the check-out? Which electricity plugs are supported in your area?

Concierge and guests’ service. Your hotel’s website is the perfect channel to assist your guests with their travel arrangements, reply to their questions and support special requests. Additionally, all post-stay request can smoothly be handled through your website.

These are the main goals that can be achieved through a hotel’s website and the replies to the question “Why is it important to have a hotel website?”. Determine, how important every goal is for your business and have this in mind while you will decide to develop your new hotel website.


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